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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 27, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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ses start at just $699. sleep number. comfort individualized. hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you're looking for the best videos from the web, this is the show for you. "right this minute." a pleasure glide in peru suddenly goes from relaxing to terrifying. why you've got to be machopichu to survive this landing. cops say a coffee shop regular ranks among the all time. see the crime that takes some kind of nerve. >> don't, don't, stop. face your boyfriend. >> it's a fake traffic stop so
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he can pop the question. but this proposal video has a remarkable twist. how the trooper who helped pull it off once brought this guy back from the brink of death. and had to happen. the first time google glasses used to record -- >> uh-oh. >> why uh-oh is right. you're looking at video of a para motor pilot named matt miniard flying over the sacred valley of the incas in peru. we're seeing this from the angle of matt's buddy, glen. glen waits for his friend matt to come back in. then it's glen's turn. these guys are taking off from the top of a mountain at about 12,000 feet. >> that looks very relaxing zbr you're about to change your mind about that, gayle. it suddenly goes from relaxing to terrifying.
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as glen is coming in trying to do something called a top landing, he realizes that he's coming in hard and coming in low. [ screaming ] now, we have another terrifying angle of this. you see his parachute just hit the ground and matt is terrified, running in to help his friend. >> oh, my god! >> dude, y'all want a movie. so awesome. think i broke my back. >> yeah. that blood curdling scream. i'm not surprised. >> matt a frantic trying to get help for his friend. >> he's really hurt! >> someone else comes in and says, look, we've called for emergency workers but it's going to be 40, 50 minutes before they can get up this mountain. now, the incredible thing about this video is we also get what
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happened after. you're probably thinking, why in the world are the cameras still rolling? well, that's because glen and matt are on the trip of a lifetime. they're doing something called paramotor the americas. and keeping the blog of their experiences as they travel all over north and south america. so they wanted to make sure that they captured everything on camera. >> i don't know what happened today. i was flying. everything was good. i was coming in to top land. and i -- i just dropped out of the sky. >> his back was, in fact, broken. he is still recuperating. but we spoke to glen and he said this is just a minor setback. i'm feeling better. and at the end of the video, he's on a plane headed out with his buddy, matt. and they're going to continue paramotoring the americas. >> you can't stop there, right? such a cool adventure. you got to keep going. >> no way! i have two to show you.
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this first one is in ireland. this is a very nice community coffee shop. look at the guy on the cell phone, very casually waiting ba her back. the guy reaches over for the tip jar, puts it in his bag and continues to very casually carry on his cell phone conversation. and then fail. >> big loser is the most appropriate word you could use to describe this guy. >> police are still looking for this guy. the owner of the coffee shop says if found, he does plan on pressing charges. >> yeah. the other walks into the store holding an ax. >> what? >> then starts smashing the slot machines. >> you know you've got a gambling problem when you're so angry at the slot machines that you come at them with an ax. >> apparently, he has lost about $6,500 in the previous week. after smashing the machines he
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did just walk outside of the store to wait for police to come and arrest him. >> maybe he smashed them so he knew he wouldn't be able to go back and lose more money. >> gambling prevention in his mind, maybe. >> yeah. >> he was found guilty of possession of an offensive weapon and criminal damage. he was given a six-month jail sentence. but because of overcrowding in the jails, he was excused. it was july fourth. what better thing to spot on that day than the majestic bald eagle. watch what happens at stewart park in seattle. this eagle's already in the water. another eagle comes in, like, hey, i think i want to fight you. now watch. here comes the eagle for another pass. the kids are swimming out of the way. the other eagle is like, let me get out of here. then boom! >> eagles fighting eagles on the fourth of july? >> i know. >> maybe they're trying to
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figure out who's more american than who. i'm more american. no, i am. >> watch this second video. you know what? i'm out of here. he saw the water. like, i thought this was a nice place. walks on shore. listen to the reaction. the person who captured this video was sti video we have on skype. >> how did this fight start? >> they were talon locked spiralling out of the woods. they hit the shore five feet from two women picnicking. they took off the shore, grass area, spiralling again into the water. that's when i really saw and started toapture the video, after the largest eagle had flown away from the smaller eagle in the water. >> guys, get away! >> unfortunately, i didn't see it initially. there was an eagle specialist that was contacted. it seemed to her that it was a
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fight over fish or territory. >> were people at all worried about maybe themselves getting injured? >> the initial reaction was just complete shock and surprise to see what we were seeing. >> get out of there. >> out of the water! >> then my concern, i think the concern of other adults on the shore were for the children swimming five to ten feet in the water from the swimming eagle. they're super dangerous and their talons are incredibly sharp. this could have been an awful experience. we're pretty lucky to be that close and not have anything happen. you're looking at dash cam footage from the patrol car of north carolina state trooper kirsten howell. she's following this red car in front of her. in fact, she's pulling this car over. inside that car, dylan parker
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and his girlfriend, courtney mitchell. you see her turn on her turn signal. she pulls into a parking lot. but the trooper pulls up and this strange exchange starts happening. >> passenger, please step back towards the car. >> he is now doing everything this trooper is is asking. everything trooper howell is asking. >> right there. kneel where i can see you. >> the male dylan parker is kneeling. >> driver, back to the car. >> now trooper howell is asking courtney mitchell to get out of the car. >> back. back, back, back, back. stop, stop, stop. face your boyfriend. >> are you kidding me? >> and then out comes the engagement ring. >> oh, my gosh. >> this proposal video has a remarkable twist. dylan parker was involved in an accident on august 6th of 2010. a drinking and driving related accident. dylan the admitted drinker. this was a single car accident.
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ended up in the hospital. was in a coma. had to relearn everything. and a state trooper, north carolina state trooper kirsten howell, the state trooper who pulled him over in the proposal video saw him through rehab. helped him become a better man. then beyond that got dylan to go to churches and tell his story. inspire others to avoid drinking and driving. at one of those churches, dylan met courtney. who was the piano player at that church. >> man, you couldn't script this any better. >> right? >> this is completely full circle story here. >> it's this beautiful story. after he met courtney and decided that this was the woman of his dreams, he went back to north carolina state trooper kirsten howell. that's how we got this video. she agreed to make this proposal -- >> kneel where i can see you. >> -- quite interesting.
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>> stop, stop, stop. face your boyfriend. >> and quite dramatic for courtney. a chopper in a wicked free fall has people thinking -- >> we're going to see this thing blow up. >> the surprise ending when it finally hit. and a dog lost in a car is rescued by the humane society. >> it's still way too hot. >> see what happens when it's the owner in the hot seat. >> well, you can't keep your dog in there like this. >> i don't understand why this is so hard for people to figure out. ñlçw
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at first glance, this might look like a helicopter performing aerobattics or something. but goes from what looks like aerobattics to an accident real quick. this is in russia near sochi.
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[ speaking in foreign language ] you see bits and pieces of the helicopter flying up into the air. this thing splashes down in the shallow water. a lot of people standing by who actually rushed to help. according to "life" news, two people actually crawled out on their own. one being the pilot. another being a tourist. both were not injured in this accident. >> what caused the accident, do we know? >> right now we don't know. according to "life" news they're saying it could be some sort of malfunction with the helicopter or could be pilot error. i think what maybe, you know, saved these guys is that the pilot was able to slow this thing down the closer it got to the water. it sort of did land up right, which was good. still a scary moment. if you're in the helicopter or if you're on the shore. you don't know if this thing's going to explode. the first time i watched the video i thought, we're going to watch this thing blow up. with temperatures
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approaching 95 degrees, the michigan humane society was called to east detroit because of a report of a dog locked in a car. >> we got to complain about a dog here locked in a car. windows are cracked, but it's still way too hot. 93 defwrees out here. >> this is dane mccloud. he's an investigator with the humane society. windows were cracked. he actually gets the door open. now he's hoping that honking will alert the owner so they can talk to the owner about not leaving the dog in the car. here the owner comes. >> that's my dog. >> you can't keep your dog in there like this. it's 95 degrees out here. >> i know. we just were upstairs. >> no. let me get your information. this dog would have died. you have a nonchalant attitude about it. >> snno, i don't. >> those windows being cracked doesn't help enough. >> they're putting out this video just as a warning. don't leave your dogs in a hot car. even for a little while. because a little while can turn
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into a little longer and a little longer. they believe this dog was in that car at least 20 minutes. >> the lady actually removed the dog out of the car. i strongly told her that if that dog was back in the car, that i would be removing the dog and possibly writing cruelty charges on her. >> i don't understand why this is so hard for people to figure out. this guy was sweating bullets standing outside of the car. it must have been ten times worse for the poor animal wearing fur inside that car. you're looking at video shot during the 20th stage of the tour de france. you can see the motorcycles that are leading the bikers. the fans gather on the roadside. but they're about to get a different kind of cyclist. watch this. >> what? he came out of nowhere! he came out of the woods! now, these guys decided to do this six months before the tour
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de france ever happened. there's a video that shows the planning process of making this a reality. this is the guy who jumped over the tour de france. his name is romane maranday. they got out there with their equipment and made this a level path. >> did they tell anyone they were doing this? >> they told no one. just the members of their team. >> good thing they filmed it. i don't know if a lot of people saw it. it's so quick. it's above them. >> it does seem like they start applauding just as he lands. >> amazing that they were able to execute that. you would think there would be so much security on the tour de france. apparently they don't check the woods. what's a bachelor party without a big bang? >> bachelor bomb and the birthday bomb. >> they loaded up that jetta with an explosive. >> see the climax. >> i'm ready.
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you guys ready? >> ready. >> send it! >> riley's got her mouth open and floss ready. because -- >> this is the very first time she loses a tooth. >> her message, the big pull, next. >> 5ñ
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what are we doing, riley? [ indecipherable ].
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>> you have a loose tooth? >> there comes a time in your life when your tooth has got to go. for riley that time has come. this is the very first time she loses a tooth. >> oh, boy. >> we're going to take this, we're going to loop it around. >> uh-huh. >> make sure i get the right tooth. >> that one's really, really loose. >> oh, yeah. that one's hanging on by a string. >> so here's your friend, teddy. >> the other end of the floss is tied to that teddy bear. she's going to take that bear and then drop it over the stairs. >> three, two, one! >> did you see that moment the tooth ripped out of her mouth. >> that's what that was? >> listen again. >> oh! >> it's gone. oh, my goodness, it's gone. wait, wait, wait. it worked. what? are you kidding me? >> she immediately runs over to the mirror to see her gap.
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>> it went overboard. >> i'm so happy. >> tell me about it. >> it was so fun! i finally got my tooth out. >> brave girl, too. a lot of time when you're a little kid you get, like, someone else to slam the door or drop the teddy bear. in this case -- >> and she loved it. dog versus dog. [ barking ] petey for his bachelor party shooting a volkswagen jetta. >> most bachelors like to go out of single hood with a bang.
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>> a bachelor bomb and birthday bomb. >> this guy does it with a 42 pound tanarite bang. >> we're going to put 42 pounds of tanaryte in the jetta. >> they loaded that jetta up with a bucket of explosive. you see the man of honor here. >> this is his bachelor party. >> oh, yeah. this is his, like, singlehood going up in flames. >> you got it. >> i'm ready. you guys ready? >> ready! >> send it! >> oh, what? >> one piece flew way up into the air. it took about ten minutes for it to float back down. >> one shot sends that jetta into the shredder of heaven. >> look at the [ bleep ] crater! >> 42 pounds of tanarite. that's what's left of this car. >> whoa. >> this jetta essentially shredded. vaporized.
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>> that car is in pieces everywhere. >> parts of it all over this field. not much left of the car. the best man then needed a ride home. an adorable micropig coaxed into a belly rub. >> come on, pig. come on, baby. >> all of the tummy tickling cuteness, next. >> come on, lay do
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this prank violates my personal code. thou shalt never waste nutella. >> he and his friend decided to spread a little nutella around their bodies. >> yeah. like what you see? you like that? >> i love that. >> here. do me. do me. >> the reactions to this is what really sells it to me. >> i'll kick your -- >> sorry. >> i think this girl is a worker. she's pretty helpful for this prank they are execute ing. she deserves an "a" for customer service. >> why did you put nutella on yourself. >> for you. >> for me? >> what's it smell like. >> no way. huh-uh. >> they're not exactly sure what that is. i think they think it's feces. >> it seems like some people are generally concerned for these
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people. >> it's a weird prank z. >> you guys are nuts. micropig gets a belly rub. >> come on, lay down. oh, you have a little sleep. you're going to have a little sleep. there you go. oh, look. oh. you're a beautiful little girl. you're a beautiful little girl, aren't you? hey, you just want your belly rubbed. >> this is definitely a first for google glass. the very first time that it is used to record -- >> uh-oh. >> uh-huh. yeah. mm-hmm. it appears this is the first set of google glass porn video. >> great. >> no way. no way. >> true. >> what? >> these two are porn actors. >> what? >> they keep getting interrupted because google glass keeps
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tuning into what they're saying. >> send me over. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> this is actually a big spoof for an adult app store. >> i'm sure this will be insanely popular. >> what the heck? >> if you want to see the entire video and you're an adult, because this is an adult only video, head on over to and click on best of rtm. or you can see it on our mobile app. that's it for us here at "rtm." thanks for joining us. "rtm." thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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it's time for great videos from the web and the stories behind them, "right this minute." a driver on a rampage has cops in a brand-new car thinking -- >> please don't ram us. >> why their pleas went unanswered. ♪ i got my ticket for the long way round ♪ >> one good cup song deserves another. but this one's way different. >> this is the cancer cup song. >> hear about a 13-year-old epic battle and who's beside her all the way. >>


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